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The spine may show signs of wear. Pages include considerable notes in pen or highlighter, but the text is not obscured. Choose between standard or expedited shipping to make sure that your textbooks arrive in time for class. No returns accepted. If you have any question contact me. Thank You! All Chapters Included! Sample Chapter:Chapter A nurse on a postsurgical unit is admitting a client following the client'scholecystectomy gall bladder removal. What is the overall purpose of assessment forthis client?

A client has presented to the emergency department ED with complaints of abdominalpain.

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Which member of the care team would most likely be responsible for collectingthe subjective data on the client during the initial comprehensive assessment? The nurse has completed an initial assessment of a newly admitted client and is applyingthe nursing process to plan the client's care. What principle should the nurse apply whenusing the nursing process? A Each step is independent of the others. B It is ongoing and continuous. C It is used primarily in acute care settings.

D It involves independent nursing actions. The nurse who provides care at an ambulatory clinic is preparing to meet a client andperform a comprehensive health assessment. Which of the following actions should thenurse perform first? A Review the client's medical record.

B Obtain basic biographic data. C Consult clinical resources explaining the client's diagnosis. D Validate information with the client. Which of the following client situations would the nurse interpret as requiring anemergency assessment? In response to a client's query, the nurse is explaining the differences between thephysician's medical exam and the comprehensive health assessment performed by thenurse.

The nurse should describe the fact that the nursing assessment focuses on whichaspect of the client's situation? After teaching a group of students about the phases of the nursing process, the instructordetermines that the teaching was successful when the students identify which phase asbeing foundational to all other phases?

The nurse has completed the comprehensive health assessment of a client who has beenadmitted for the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia. Following thecompletion of this assessment, the nurse periodically performs a partial assessmentprimarily for which reason?

Lab Manual for Health Assessment in Nursing

A Reassess previously detected problemsB Provide information for the client's recordC Address areas previously omittedD Determine the need for crisis intervention9. The nurse is working in an ambulatory care clinic that is located in a busy, inner-cityneighborhood. Which client would the nurse determine to be in most need of anemergency assessment?

A A year-old girl who is crying because she thinks she is pregnantB A year-old man with chest pain and diaphoresis for 1 hourC A 3-year-old child with fever, rash, and sore throatD A year-old man with a 3-inch shallow laceration on his legTestBankWorld. A nurse has completed gathering some basic data about a client who has multiple healthproblems that stem from heavy alcohol use.

The nurse has then reflected on her personalfeelings about the client and his circumstances. The nurse does this primarily toaccomplish which of the following? A Determine if pertinent data has been omittedB Identify the need for referralC Avoid biases and judgmentsD Construct a plan of care The nurse is collecting data from a client who has recently been diagnosed with type 1diabetes and who will begin an educational program. The nurse is collecting subjectiveand objective data. Which of the following would the nurse categorize as objective data?

An older adult client has been admitted to the hospital with failure to thrive resultingfrom complications of diabetes. Which of the following would the nurse implement inresponse to a collaborative problem? C The beliefs of members of a particular religion are not necessarily homogeneous. D Nurses should avoid planning care on the basis of religion. How should the nurse best initiate this assessment? Now I have no idea what I can trust.

The nurse should recognize that this client ascribes to what religion? How should the nurse follow up this assessment finding? A Report the finding to the appropriate supervisors. The nurse should begin the assessment by identifying what aspect of spirituality? A, B, E A client has suffered a suspected a rotator cuff tear. Which of the following would the nurse expect to find? After teaching a group of students about the bones and their functions, the instructor determines that the teaching was successful when the students state that blood cells are produced in which of the following? A client complains of temporomandibular joint TMJ pain.

Which of the following would the nurse most likely assess? Assessment reveals that an older adult client has osteomalacia. A Practice risk prevention for fractures.

Basic Head to Toe Assessment Fundamentals of Nursing

B Keep exercise to a minimum to decrease pain. C Minimize movements to maintain joint stability. D Treat secondary arthritis proactively. Which of the following would the nurse expect to find when examining a client with a herniated lumbar disc?

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The nurse is assessing an adolescent client and notes degree flexion of the cervical spine. A Facilitate a referral for medical follow up. B Palpate the spinous processes. D Continue the exam because this curve is normal. When asked to touch her ear to her shoulder, a client reports pain.

Which of the following should the nurse do next? A Perform muscle strength against resistance. B Refer the client for further evaluation. C Flex and then hyperextend the neck. D Palpate the paravertebral muscles for pain. Which test would be most appropriate for the nurse to perform when a client complains of low back pain?

A nurse asks a client to bring his hands together behind his head with his elbows flexed. The nurse is testing which of the following? Which of the following would the nurse interpret as a positive response to the Phalen test for a client suspected of having carpal tunnel syndrome? Which of the following should the nurse cite as a risk factor?

A Test muscle strength. B Perform passive range of motion test. C Measure range of motion with a goniometer. D Ask the client which is the dominant side. When testing muscle strength, a client has difficulty moving her right arm against resistance.

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A Move the part passively through its range of motion. B Ask the client to move the part against gravity. C Inspect by touch for a palpable contraction of the muscle. Assessment reveals that a client has slight weakness with active range of motion against some resistance. The nurse would document this as which of the following? While assessing the knee joint of a client, a nurse also explains about the typical motions associated with that joint. Which of the following would the nurse include? When testing the range of motion of the cervical spine, the nurse notes impaired range of motion and neck pain.

Which of the following would the nurse suspect? A nurse is testing the range of motion of the thoracic and lumbar spine. Which of the following would the nurse document as an abnormal finding? The nurse is preparing to palpate the anatomic snuffbox. At which location would the nurse palpate? A At the anterior area of the sternoclavicular joint B At the posterior temporomandibular joint C At the olecranon process of the elbow D At the back of the wrist and extended thumb Which of the following would the nurse use to confirm the suspicion?

The nurse is conducting a focused musculoskeletal assessment of an older adult client. When analyzing assessment data, the nurse should be aware of what age-related physiological changes? A nurse is providing health education about osteoporosis to a community group. What ethnicity is considered to be an independent risk factor for osteoporosis? What medication category creates a risk for decreased bone density?

The nurse should begin the assessment by examining which of the following? The nurse has had a client place the backs of both her hands against each other while flexing her wrists 90 degrees with fingers pointed downward and wrists dangling. The presence of pain or tingling during this test suggests what health problem to the nurse? The nurse is conducting a musculoskeletal assessment of an older adult client.

A The client takes medications to treat hypertension. B The client suffered a fractured humerus 1 year earlier. C The client has a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. D The client had a total hip replacement 2 years ago. This test will allow the nurse to make what determination? The nurse should make a referral for what health problem? The nurse is planning the care of a year-old woman who has recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis. A Risk for injury related to osteoporosis B Risk for infection related to osteoporosis C Activity intolerance related to osteoporosis D Impaired physical mobility related to osteoporosis E Disturbed sensory perception related to osteoporosis A nurse practitioner refers clients for osteoporosis screening according to the latest U.

According to these recommendations, what client should be screen for osteoporosis? A A year-old man who has type 2 diabetes B A year-old woman with no major risk factors for osteoporosis C A year-old woman who takes oral contraceptives D A year-old African-American woman who is obese Page 7 Answer Key 1.

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A, C, D The nurse is planning a community assessment using the Community as a Partner model. The nurse will prioritize which of the following when utilizing this model? Which of the following would be the best way for the nurse to implement the process of participant observation when conducting a community assessment? A Interview the key leaders of the community.

B Review the census data and health records. C Take part in the daily life of the community. The nurse is planning to assess a community.

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Which of the following activities would be most appropriate for the nurse to do when collecting objective data about a community? A Interview several residents. B Talk to key leaders. D Analyze census data. Which of the following would be most important to plan and implement when a nurse notes a higher-than-expected teen birth rate in a particular community? When assessing a community, the nurse is reviewing statistics related to adult mortality in clients who are 65 years of age and older. The nurse would assess the community for health programs to address which of the following as the major cause of death in this age group?

The nurse is assessing the economic stability of a community. The nurse should first address which of the following? The nurse should address which of the following? When assessing a rural community, the nurse would most likely identify which of the following as a major factor hindering access to health care?

The nurse has appeared before a community governance committee and encourages them to respond to the views of the citizens. Long-term lack of response by lawmakers is likely to prompt what reaction on the part of citizens? A nurse is planning a program to address measures to reduce the leading cause of mortality in children age 1 to 14 years.

Which of the following topics would best address this cause of death? admin